Electrical Systems

Since 1932, the main focus of the electrical systems division was on the development of the first pre-assembled cable harness.

Today, Kromberg & Schubert supplies all major automotive manufacturers (OEMs) with a diverse range of electrical systems for cars as well as for motorbikes and utility vehicles: Main, engine, cockpit, door, audio, air conditioning & communication harnesses, battery cables as well as overmoulded cable harness modules. This also includes the integration of a number of components into an overall system.

Using the latest technologies and software tools, Kromberg & Schubert simulates an application of the electrical systems during the development time under actual conditions which correspond to the individual customer requirements.

All information from the simulation is verified by the prototype. Each newly developed product undergoes type testing and ageing tests and is inspected and certified for suitability according to the specifications in long-term studies conducted by our test laboratory.

Merging production steps to form a single standard process applicable worldwide, enables Kromberg & Schubert to offer products of the highest quality, every time: Every delivered cable harness is 100% tested. This zero-defect strategy reflects the high benchmark for quality at Kromberg & Schubert.